If I held it tightly,

it would not remain in my hand,

delicate butterfly!
Japanese proverb, haiku

This Japanese haiku beautifully portrays how we handle new experiences. We tentatively proceed to take on new tasks, but still keenly hold onto what is known and established and keep our feet on safe ground. This arc of suspense is our daily companion and the catalyst which propels us toward all things new. Moreover, it is at this very juncture that you can rely on conGENTE and its ideas and skills for your everyday routine.

As outlined in the above introduction, our daily actions centre on ensuring we optimally exploit our personal resources, although experience shows that we often fall short of our full potential, for various reasons. If we work under conditions that are below par, the end result is inevitably substandard: in a company this can mean holding extended but fruitless meetings, projects which fail to meet quality and quantity targets, or simply “sand in the works”.

@ Michael Schnieper