my profile

“I was able to gain my experience in different companies. In the process, I learned to listen to my intuition and to lead projects with my teams to success with the appropriate implementation strength. today, I bring this to my customers with passion, patience and active leadership.”

some milestones from my wealth of experience

| basics |

  • eidg dipl electromechanic
  • electrical engineering studies with further training leading to a Master of Economics and Business Studies degree
  • continuing education with teaching diploma lecturer HF
  • coaching on systemic approach
  • certified trainer and coach with the SIZE process profile
  • certified resilience coach / trainer
  • further more SVEB courses such as digital learning events for adults

| experiences |

  • coaching in an intercultural environment at all levels of the company
  • consultancy and development of service areas
  • strategic (re)alignment of divisions
  • leadership experience in a multicultural environment
  • leadership training and coaching for leaders in their first leadership role
  • international project coaching and development of project teams
  • establishment of training organizations with assessment program, train-the-trainer program and its quality assurance in use
  • planning and moderation – from workshops to major events
  • implementation of change processes as a change manager
  • several years of experience in determining the current situation and reorienting
  • coaching for executive boards and executives

| furthermore |

  • “train-the-trainer” for communication and coaching training in the Swiss Armed Forces
  • seminar leader for internal and external trainings in project management, leadership, communication, process engineering, change management,…
  • lecturer in business management, project management, leadership, change management and corporate culture change at the Swiss Institute of Business Administration (SIB) and IBW higher technical school southeast Switzerland
  • various art and cultural projects in public spaces, e.g….WeinFarbenSchweiz, KulturBühne, Bülach(be)sitzen, KulturVesper
  • long-time bandleader and arranger of the Early Grey Jazztett
  • president of the Volkshoschule Bülach and cultural association
  • co-owner

| references |

  • Amprion GmbH
  • ApoBank AG
  • AS Aufzüge AG
  • Brunner-Anliker AG
  • Caminada Treuhand Zug
  • connectis AG
  • CSC Schweiz
  • Deutsche Leasing AG
  • deepgreen AG
  • domendos consulting
  • EKZ – Elektrizitätswerk des Kantons Zürich
  • ewz – Elektrizitätswerke der Stadt Zürich
  • EVD – Eidgenössisches Volkswirtschaft Departement
  • EGT Grundbuchämter
  • freycom gmbh
  • ibW Höhere Fachschule Südostschweiz
  • innogy
  • interxion
  • Johnson Controls
  • KIGA Graubünden
  • Konecranes
  • Lufthansa Gruppe
  • Netzwerk Kadertraining
  • PDR Management
  • Rhyner Metzgerei und Comestibles
  • RWE Dea
  • Schindler Aufzüge AG
  • sib – Schweizerisches Institut für Betriebsökonomie
  • SIKA Management AG
  • Stadtverwaltung Zug
  • Sozialamt der Stadt Uster
  • swiss Krono Group
  • swissport Zürich
  • Theater und Musikgesellschaft Zug
  • USU
  • Velo Birrer
  • winterhalter Gastronorm

I’m looking forward hearing from you – office{at}