The scope of our work has evolved to form a tightly meshed network. Our social environment is configured as a network, within which our key expertise functions. Expanding in-house added value with a partner network allows the customer to exploit optimal resources. Let’s focus on a few of these sparks of light from the network.

genuss zeit gmbh
Enjoy the moment, everywhere and specially at the moment of choice – planned or by surprise. you’l find local delicious fingerfood, cultural events and perefctly parier swiss wines. “gioda il mumaint” – as it should be.

Table and interior design
Putting the best on the table and fostering culture: designed within spaces of appealing interior design. A perfect partner for cultural events and finger food apéros; married with Swiss wine.

Swiss Institute for Applied Science and Business Administration
The experience of excellent lecturers that can be pragmatically implemented.

ibw Höhere Fachschule Südostschweiz (Institute for further training and skill development South-East Switzerland)
Pragmatic adult education featuring lively, comprehensive content and very experienced lecturers.

A partner who knows precisely what “social collaboration” means – a one-stop source of the right tools for your projects and teams.

ton&graphik design
graphics, design and sound combined – additionally visualized as a cartoon with a fine sense of smart humor under the nick name Borni.

Yell sinnware

Management over time and succession planning for SMEs with high ethical standards.