In founding conGENTE, I want to share my experiences from various functions and roles in a range of sectors and with different companies.

I work with a pragmatic approach, which is strongly communication-centric. As individuals, my focus is on you: you should find the way to express yourself freely.

The following list recaps just some of my experiences in various roles:

  • Electrical engineer HTL and business studies / corporate management FH D Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Studies
  • “Train-the-Trainer” for communication and coaching training within the Swiss armed forces
  • Coaching in an intercultural environment at all company levels
  • Consulting and development of in-house service sectors
  • Strategic (re-)alignment of companies
  • Management experience within a multicultural environment
  • International project management
  • Setting up of training organisations with assessment programme, Train-the-Trainer-developed initiatives and quality assurance on site
  • Lectorate in corporate management and leadership
  • Planning and moderation – from workshops to major events
  • Implementation of change processes by involving the relevant parties in realignment (corporate development)
  • Establishing innovation processes in business development
  • Shaping and controlling group-dynamic processes
  • Management experience in both small companies and multinational groups
  • Change manager in international companies
  • Resilience Coach
  • Coach for personal development and coaching on the postion
  • Coach assisting at a company management level, including senior executives
  • Seminar leader for both internal and external training in project

management, leadership, communication, process engineering, change management, …

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