Change Management

Given the soaring and constantly fluctuating market requirements, a successful company found itself facing increasing pressure. Areas of discord also crept in at management level, concerning both content as well as the leadership approach. With the previously focused and effective working approach in decline, company goals were only attainable with enormous effort. Management level N-1 was paralysed and only able to complete the bare minimum of its assigned communication tasks: the bridges between the individual departments were crumbling. By leveraging a change project, we defined goals for improved communication: striving hard to ensure a more coherent management team, redefined the process environment with the team, developed employee goals and measured variables for the handy and effective implementation of company goals, the role of the management team was boosted and executives coached in entrepreneurial resource management. The scope of our change project has included inter-departmental workshops and training sessions, and as active project manager, implementing tricky sub-projects as well as boosting the development of executives to such an extent that they could consciously develop their own resources in the end.

@ Michael Schnieper