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support in all the challenges of everyday life, personal, pragmatic, applied and sustainable at the same time. on your way.

the dynamics of change challenge us every day, and this to a different degree and with their own consistency in everyday life. illuminate, transform and package the demands placed on one’s own person. I would be happy to accompany you on your way in everyday life.

experiencing awakened passion

my passion is the complexity of everyday life. I like it simple and pragmatic. the focus is on people. opening up perspectives together, shaping impulses for everyday life and meeting at eye level.


gain courage from the different facets of one’s own perspectives. build on your own strengths and awaken your potential.


becoming aware of our own resilience, which supports us in the challenging situations of everyday life.


on-site or online – develop content, gain insights and experience success in transfer. dynamic, playful and pragmatic.

processes of change

changes challenge us again and again. In this way, we are confronted with new circumstances every day and should not lose sight of the goal.


to develop lived leadership in everyday life. focus on your own tools or as a supportive accompaniment in your team.

assessment of the current

being able to shape one’s own future starts with a first step. this start is an awareness of one’s own tools and desires.

what to expect

together we look at your challenge, highlight the options and plan how you will bring your change project to a sense of achievement. we reflect on this and create new potentials from it.

targeted to your requirements to make effective decisions today for the future, and to be able to implement them tomorrow.

working with you

  • finding one’s own strengths and desires
  • tackling one’s own potential
  • pragmatic approach to solutions
  • reflecting on the experiences together
  • anchoring the new findings in everyday life

working with the team

  • incorporating team spirit as a strength
  • developing topics and content using playful methods
  • anchoring reflective experiences
  • becoming aware of implementation in the team Experience success together
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